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Call for Proposals | Journal of Lesbian Studies : Brazilian Lesbianidades

Special Issue Editors: Dr. Tanya L. Saunders (they/them) (University of Florida) and Mariana Meriqui Rodrigues (University of Florida)

In this special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies we would like to reconceptualize the Lesbian Existence by centering the experiences, identities and activism of Brazilian lesbians including immigrant lesbians. This proposal for a special issue on “Brazilian Lesbianidades,” supports existing encouragement for increased theoretical production about the lesbian existence in Brazil; that are based on theoretical frameworks rooted in lived experiences, activism, and artivism. We also invite work that centers the body as a site of theoretical possibility, visibility and lesbian resistance since, in Brazil, the lesbians that are targeted for violence inside and outside of the family, are viewed as dissident bodies.

To this end, we seek essays that address themes such as, but not excluded to:

  •     Black lesbian existence and all of its manifestations
  •     Lesbian as an identity and embodied experience
  •     Lesbian as a political orientation/philosophy during the conservative turn in Brazilian politics
  •     Expanding the notion of the lesbian existence to including the spiritual autonomy and activism of women and feminine-identified subjects
  •     The concept of the family (chosen family, family of origin etc.)
  •     Motherhood
  •     Lesbians and the Brazilian State
  •     Immigration
  •     Solidão
  •     Institutions, broadly speaking (jails, church, schools, universities etc.)
  •     Lesbian futures
  •     Brazilian Machismo(s)
  •     Theorizing Brazilian Lesbianidades
  •     Translesbianidades
  •     Sapatão
  •     Disability Studies

One page proposal due date: May 15th, 2019

Email proposals to: mariana.meriquir@ufl.edu

The full-length manuscripts from accepted abstracts are due September 1st, 2019.